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From the Finish Line of the #RaceRoundTheWorld

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News from the finish line of the #RaceRoundTheWorld: Well done to everyone who took part. With November seeing us in the second lockdown, getting out there and doing something “as a Group” seemed even more important, so we’re very happy that so many were able to take part. It’s also great to have raised so much for other Groups around the UK and don’t forget that the 20% we’re entitled to is being donated to a Group within our own District too.

How far did we travel from our HQ building in our #RaceRoundTheWorld?

As a Group we travelled 2,166.30 miles. The image to the left is centred on our Scout HQ building and shows how far that is in all directions in a straight line.

If you’re wondering why it s a teardrop shape and not a circle that is because of the Mercator map projection (something for you to look up if you don’t know what that is).

We also raised a magnificent £1,458 (including gift aid).

Finally, well done to Tuesday Cubs for both travelling the furthest and raising the most of all the sections in the Group.

If you want to see more information about the race and how we did as a Group you can check out our dedicated page here Race Round the World

What did our young people think? Here’s what some of them said:

The #RaceRoundTheWorld