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Minibus Bookings

You can check the calendar to see if one or more of the Minibuses is available on the date you require. If it is you can proceed to the booking form below:

Availability of GD64 (Barbara) is shown in Green

Availability of YE18 (Jeff) is shown in Purple

Availability of the trailer is shown in Orange

The current rates for hire are:

Evening Hire £25.00

Daily Hire £40.00

Weekend Hire £100.00

Weekly Hire £250.00

To request a booking please use the form below:

This should allow time for you to pack before a camp etc.
This should allow time for you to unload, refuel and clean out the vehicle(s)/trailer after an event.
Payments will be confirm your booking, subject to availability. Once availability has been confirmed by the transport manager, payment can be made at our shop.
Please add any other note/comment you wish to accompany your booking
Please see the Group's data privacy notice