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Information For Members

Welcome to the Adventure!

This page provides information for prospective and new members of the Group.

Squirrels Section

About the Group

Scouting in Dringhouses began in 1929 with a troop for boys, unfortunately it closed during the Second World War as many of the Scout Masters were called up to serve in the armed forces. The current Group opened in the 1960s and has grown ever since. Our meeting place is adjacent to Saint Edward the Confessor Church and we rely upon and are very grateful for their goodwill and support. We welcome girls and boys of all backgrounds, ethnicity, faiths or no faith and abilities.  The Group is run as part of The Scout Association and is divided into sections for different age groups.  Sections meet weekly during the school term.

All our adult leaders are volunteers who give their spare time to provide Scouting experiences for our young people.  When someone decides to become a leader they are interviewed by the District Appointments Committee, undergo a DBS check and then they are allocated a role by the Scout Association.  They work in accordance with the guidance laid down by the Scout Association (in its Policy, Organisation and Rules) and follow a training programme which helps develop the skills they need.  The Group is led by a Group Scout Leader.  Our Leaders are the most valuable asset we have!

Not all of our adult volunteers are section leaders. We have an Active Support Unit that allows adults to volunteer their time and skills in more flexible way.  And the Group Executive Committee which helps run the group, acts as trustees of the charity and ensures the group is complaint with the appropriate rules and regulations.

The Executive Committee

The Group Scout Leader, Section Leaders and non-uniformed volunteers, including parent representatives from each section form an Executive Committee which manages the Group and are accountable for its satisfactory running.  They undertake fundraising, management of buildings, transport and equipment.  Meetings are held each term and there is an Annual General Meeting (AGM) during the summer term which all members and parents are encouraged to attend.  We are always looking for volunteers to become Parent reps for their child’s section or to help out in any other way.


From time to time we undertake fundraising activities and we rely upon help from members and their families at these events.  Any help or suggestions for additional sources of funding are always welcome. Common fundraising activities include.

  • Collections at York Station
  • Bag packs at local supermarkets
  • The Group’s annual fair and
  • Applications to various local and national funds

The Sections & Group Structure

A section is a group of young people and leaders who meet on a specific date, e.g. Tuesday Beavers is a section. A section is led by a section leader (leader in charge) who is assisted by one or more assistant leaders. On occasion section leaders may ask parents for help, typically this will be because additional adults are needed to help run activities safely or because an assistant leader cannot attend through holiday, illness, or other reason. All leaders in the sections for that age group meet once or twice per term to plan the programme together. Section leaders report to an Assistant Group Scout Leader (AGSL) for the age group (e.g. Beavers). The AGSL helps coordinate activities within the sections and with adjacent sections. The AGSL reports to the Group Scout Leader (GSL). The GSL is responsible for managing the Group and they report to the District Commissioner.

Here’s a list of all the sections and section leaders (email addresses are

Section/ RoleSection Leader
District Commissioner (York Ebor District)Nigel White
Group Scout Leader (GSL)David Thorne (Acting)
Group ChairAnnie Bennett
Deputy GSL Beavers & SquirrelsKatie Harvey
Monday SquirrelsChris Rundle
Friday SquirrelsLeigh Bennett
Tuesday BeaversNicola Silke
Wednesday BeaversOlga Iwaszkiewicz-Bogdańska
Friday BeaversKatie Harvey
Deputy GSL CubsSarah Selby
Romans Cubs (Tuesday)Jane Wilson
Saxons Cubs (Thursday)Natasha Bayston
Vikings Cubs (Friday)David Thorne
Deputy GSL ScoutsVacancy
Dringhouses Scouts (Tuesday)Andrew White
St Edward’s Scouts (Thursday)Tara Stephenson
St Helen’s Scouts (Friday)Scott Franklin
Deputy GSL ExplorersAndy Elliott
Nordic Explorers (Monday)Mike Laing
Yorvik Explorers (Wednesday)Andy Elliott


St George’s Day Parade:  This is held in the City usually on a Sunday near to St George’s Day (April 23rd) unless this clashes with Easter.  It comprises of a parade to the Minster and back from the Eye of York. We like to get as many of our members to attend this flagship event as possible.

Family Service: Members of the Group are invited to attend the family service at St Edward’s on the first Sunday of each month. Those attending should be wearing uniform.  Family and friends are most welcome to attend too.

Scouting Activities: All Sections participate in a variety of scouting and community activities, working within programmes developed by The Scout Association.  Meetings usually take place at our HQ but can involve outside activities, on the Knavesmire and elsewhere.  From time to time meetings are held at the city activity centre Snowball Plantation near Stockton on the Forest and you may be asked to arrange the members transport to the centre.  Directions will be given by section leaders.

Camps: Camping is an important part of the Scouting programme.   Each year there is a Group Camp, to which all Members are invited. Beavers attending group camp must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who will have to have current DBS clearance prior to departure.  Other camps are not attended by parents (unless it is a family camp).

There is a charge to attend camps which will be defined in advance with the permission form which will need to be filled in and returned online via the parent portal.   Help is available for those who may have difficulty meeting the cost of camps.  (See under Subscriptions).

It should be noted that no member is allowed to participate in external activities including camps unless subscriptions have been fully paid and the correct permission forms have been returned.


Sections meet weekly during term time, either in the Scout HQ or in the Church Hall (your section leader will let you know which before you start). Please try to walk or cycle to meetings. not only is it better for the environment, but the car park is small and often gets congested. There are bike racks outside the Scout HQ where bikes can be secured. When dropping off and collecting please accompany your child to the door and collect from the same place. This is important as you need to be sure that your child is safely in our care before you leave. Older sections may agree with their section leader that Scouts and Explorers can make their own way to and from meetings. Please drop off and collect on time.

Uniform & Badges

Scouting is a uniformed activity and all members wear uniform at meetings unless otherwise advised.  Section Leaders will advise parents about uniform requirements and these can be purchased from Emblazon on Micklegate or on-line at Scout Shops. There is no need to buy a uniform immediately, wait to be sure that your child is enjoying the meetings and wants to stay, this normally takes a few weeks.

Uniform comprises:

  • Beavers: Turquoise sweater & necker
  • Cubs: Green sweater & necker
  • Scouts: Green shirt, blue trousers, necker
  • Explorer Scouts: Brown shirt, blue trousers, necker

Your first necker (neck scarf) and all badges are provided by the Group.  Replacement neckers need to be purchased and are available via the online shop £5.25 each.  If you are struggling with the cost of uniform please let your section leader know as we often have second hand uniform (in good condition) which can be purchased for a lot less than new uniform costs.

The term’s programme includes activities that work towards badges and you should be able to see which badges we are working on in the term’s programme on the parent portal where you can also view your child’s progress towards specific badges.  You can also work on badges at home, but talk to your Section Leader first so that you don’t work on something which will be covered at a meeting. The position of badges on the uniform is clearly shown in the badges section of the parent portal, so check there (in a web browser on a laptop/ desktop PC, not on your phone as the image is not shown on the mobile site).


Subs are payable every month on the 10th day of the month. Currently subs are £11.50 per month, except August and are collected by direct debit via the parent portal. You are always notified before a payment is taken and can cancel the direct debit at any time.

We claim gift aid on subs, so please take a moment to complete the gift aid declaration in the parent portal as this is a significant source of income for the Group.

If you are having any difficulty paying subs please contact (in confidence) the Group Treasurer as we may be able to help.

Data Protection

All the information provided to the Group is kept in electronic form and is only only distributed to Leaders and Executive Members as they specifically need in the legitimate interests of running the Group and providing safe activities.  For activity permission forms it is vital that we have current contact information so that should we need to get hold of you we can, so please ensure that at least two contacts are provided in your child’s record in the parent portal.   You will be granted access to the information using the Online Scout Manager parent log in facility and upon leaving the group the data is deleted. (unless we are required to keep the information for legal compliance reasons).

On occasions, photographs, videos and audio of Scouts taking part in activities may be published by the Group. You give your consent for the use of photos in the parent portal. When giving consent please note that we will never name anyone in any photo (unless we get specific permission to do so). Photos will only be posted by the Group on its website and social media channels. Photos will not be used in the following ways without specific consent (which will be sought on each new occasion):

  • Used in press releases or passed to the press
  • Passed to other Scout Groups or parts of the Scout Association
  • Used in advertising materials (other than social media)

See the Group’s data privacy policy/ Notice for more details on how we store use and retain data we hold about you and your child.

What’s Next?

Soon after you receive the email confirming you have a place and around your start date you’ll receive an email from the system we use to manage member records Online Scout Manager (OSM), please take a moment to follow the link in the email and log into the parent portal and:

  • Check all the details about you and your child are correct
  • Make sure there are two contact people (we need two in case we cannot get hold of you in the unlikely event of an emergency)
  • Make sure all details like special educational needs, medical needs (like asthma and allergies) are complete
  • Confirm the photo consent (see above and the data privacy notice for more information)
  • Sign the gift aid declaration (if you pay UK income tax)

If you have any problems or questions please speak to your section leader.