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Race Round the World

About the #RaceRoundTheWorld

Race Round the World

During November and December we joined in with The Scouts Race Round The World: an epic, sponsored challenge, to raise money for 500+ Scout Groups hit hardest by COVID-19. Chief Scout, Bear Grylls, explains more.

The Group will be given 20% of the funds we raised through our teams, but we’re not going to be keeping it. York Mosque Scouts started up just before the first lock-down started, as a result getting on their feet has been difficult. For this reason we’ll be supporting this Group in our own District.

There were four national teams, one for each section (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorer Scouts), racing each other to see who would be the first to travel the 43,000 miles to get round the world.

Final Update: 11th December 2020:

Well done to everyone who took part. Here are some statistics:

Total number of people registered89
Total raised by the Group:£ 1,458.00
Total distance travelled by the Group2,166.30 miles
Average distance walked per participant24.30 miles
Highest personal distance travelled186 miles
Highest personal amount raised£ 166.00
Section which raised the mostTuesday Cubs
Section which travelled the furthestTuesday Cubs
#RaceRoundTheWorld Stats at the end of the race
How far is 2,166.30 miles from the Scout HQ? (Straight line)
Total participants per section

Total distance travelled by all sections over time
Total distance travelled per section
Total amount raised per section

Click on the images below to open the fundraising pages for each section, donations can still be made even though the race has finished.

Team Beavers Race Round the World
Team Beavers: Race Round the World
Team Scouts: Race Round the World
Team Scouts: Race Around the World
Team Cubs: Race Round the World
Team Cubs: Race Round The World
Team Explorers: Race Round the World
Team Explorers: Race Around the World