Appointment Review Form

The appointment review should be carried out every three years for a new appointment and then every five years after that. Please answer all questions on this form
Please enter your Scout Association membership number.
Please select the email address of your line Manager
Please choose which section you are a member of by selecting it from the drop-down list
Please indicate your role by choosing it from the drop down list (if you have more than one role then indicate the role which is being reviewed).
Please tick each training element above that has been completed and is in date. You can check the status of your training by checking your profile on the Compass system you'll need to know your membership number to create an account
Please indicate if you have gained a wood badge for your role (this is due to be completed within 3 years of your appointment start). The wood badge is not relevant for Exec, active support roles training advisers and section assistants , select not relevant if you have one of these roles.
Please see the Group's data privacy notice