COVID-19 Updates

Updates to COVID-19 status, readiness levels and documentation are all listed here:

1 Sept. 2020Draft documents published to website
4 Sept. 2020Draft documents updated in line with latest guidance published by The Scouts on 3rd Sept.
4 Sept. 2020Draft behaviour guidance document added to the site
8 Sept 2020COVID Secure “Risk Assessment” and “Action Plan and Procedures” documents approved by Group Executive Committee
9 Sept 2020Latest versions of documents uploaded to website and timeline updated to reflect progress
9 Sept 2020COVID Secure Risk assessment submitted for approval
10 Sept 2020COVID Secure Risk Assessment approved by District
16 Sept 2020FAQ Updates with questions from parents survey
19 Sept 2020Added actions for parents document
19 Sept 2020Behaviour guidance document updated (final version)
19 Sept 2020What to do if…. checklist for parents added to site
3 Nov 2020Notice for the public added to the website
4 Nov 2020Readiness level changed to red- online meetings only, face-to-face meetings suspended from 5th November
1 Dec 2020Site updated in line with the readiness level moving to Amber from the 2nd December
11 Dec 2020Readiness level changed to amber- face-to-face meetings outdoors permitted, following COVID-Safe rules
4 Jan 2021Readiness level changed to red- online meetings only, face-to-face meetings suspended immediately
23 Mar 2021Readiness level changing to amber from 29th March, site updated with new amber guidance
27 Mar 2021COVID-19 policy documents updated to reflect changes announced by The Scouts and the NYA