UPDATE 23rd March 2021: Starting 00:00 on Monday the 29th March we will be moving to an amber status. The National Youth Agency (NYA) and The Scouts have confirmed that face-to-face meetings will be permitted and that there are no limits on the number of young people that can meet

UPDATE 4th January 2021: Starting 00:00 on Tuesday 5th January the third national lockdown begins. The National Youth Agency (NYA) and The Scouts have confirmed that face-to-face meetings will not be permitted and we will be moving to a 100% online programme

Amber Readiness Level

Readiness Level: AMBER

On the 25th June 2020 The Scouts released guidance on how a return to face-to-face Scouting could be managed as lockdown measures are eased. In this respect the following principles guide the actions of The Group during this COVID-19 pandemic:

  • To keep young people and adult volunteers safe
  • To deliver high quality programme activities, while complying with the law of the land and the policy of The Scouts
  • To be inclusive and accessible to all current and future members in line with the values of The Scouts and equality legislation
  • Returning to face-to-face Scouting is voluntary and no member will be forced to return and an online programme will continue
  • Reasonable adjustments will be made to provide a programme of activities for those members (or members with family members) who are shielding.

The approach to a return to face-to-face activities is based upon the law of the land, guidance and policy as set out by The Scouts and the National Youth Agency (NYA), the government body responsible for youth organisations. Dringhouses Scouts is required to follow the COVID Code which is a a checklist of key control measures:

The COVID Code

  1. A COVID-safe risk assessment has been completed and we have communicated control measures to volunteers, young people and parents and all are encouraged to raise concerns
  2. Additional hygiene measures are in place
  3. Social Distancing will be observed where possible (current distance is determined by the Government)
  4. Group sizes are not restricted, but Groups will not be permitted to mix and members of each group will be consistent each week (where possible)
  5. Make adjustments for young people and adults vulnerable or affected by COVID, and consult to make sure return plans are accessible and inclusive

The Group will be adopting a phased approach to returning to face-to-face Scout meetings and activities.  This process is in line with government-approved Youth Sector Guidance and is broken down into four readiness levels which are set by The Scouts nationally for each country and region. The matrix below shows the activities which are permitted at each readiness level (yellow highlights indicating the 3rd September changes:

For each readiness level a risk assessment will be created by the Group, this assessment must be approved by the Group Executive Committee and the District Commissioner or their representative(s).  As the readiness level changes a new risk assessment will be required, should the readiness level revert back to the previous level The Group will revert to previous practices and risk assessment.  The risk assessment will be continuously reviewed. The current readiness level can be found on The Scouts website and at the top of this page.

Please see our updates page for details of what has changed as this part of the website is regularly updated. Documents can be viewed below and they are approved their status will change

If you have any problems or questions please refer to our FAQ page or contact your section leader or the Group Scout Leader (GSL). Below is a draft timeline of the main parts of the action plan, note that the dates may be subject to change as guidance changes.