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Acomb Wood Clean-up II

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Cubs and Scouts clearing paths and ditches

Today (Sunday 21st November), just under 70 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers descended on Acomb Wood to clear leaves from paths, remove leaves and fallen branches from drainage ditches and to clear the area of litter, with the intention of improving the site for the local community. About two hours later and the job was done. Hopefully, paths will remain clear for a while!

Scouts and Explorer Scouts raking back leaves to clear paths

This is our second visit to Acomb Wood to do this sort of work, the last time being in early 2019, and it’s great to be able to be outside together again.

Thanks to Councillor Stephen Fenton (Dringhouses & Woothorpe Ward) for all his help liaising with The Friends of Acomb Wood and The City of York Council and for his support today.

Thanks also to Beki Johnson at the City of York Council for helping supply the tools we needed

And finally, thanks to all the children and young people (and their parents) for spending a couple of hours on a Sunday making their environment a little bit better (finishing just before the rain started too!)

Beaver and Cubs Scouts removing
Before and after: Zone 2 footpath clearance
Before and after: Zone 3, clearing overgrown footpath
Before and After: Zone 4, path and ditch

Interested in helping out with activities like this or any other role with Dringhouses Scouts, then please contact us

Litter cleared from Acomb Wood

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