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Why Not Take a Digi-break?

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Take a digi-break?

Charity deafblind UK have launched a daily digi-break challenge. 2020 has seen many of us move to online working and, as a result, maybe spending more time than ever looking at a screen and maybe with headphones on too. 2021 looks like it’s going to continue in much the same way.

Making time to take a break from screens and headphones could make a difference to our long term health. the daily digi-break challenge may the gentle push we need to take care of ourselves and look after our eyes and ears and it may also help us with our mental health at the same time!

Why not take up the challenge? Digi-break – Deafblind UK

If you feel that you need some help and support with your mental health or maybe are worried about someone else, please see our Health and Wellbeing pages, which contain links to pages and organisations which can offer help and advice.