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Getting Back Together Safely

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Getting Back Together Safely: Amber Status

As of Wednesday the 2nd December will be able to meet face to face again, with smaller than normal group sizes and strict social distancing. The Scouts and the National Youth Agency. have released new guidance to align with the new tiers system; York is currently in tier two.

Section leaders will be in touch with everyone on how sections are getting back together safely and to advise on what they will be doing as each section may be approaching meetings slightly differently

We will still be following our COVID-Safe rules:

COVID Safe Rules

Meetings may be shorter or on different days to normal.  Your section leaders will let you know. All Children, young people and parents must follow these rules:

Rules for parent, children and young people while meeting face to face

More information on our COVID-Safe rules and procedures can be found in the COVID-19 section of our website, including our behaviour guidance

If you have any questions please contact your section leader.