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Health and Wellbeing

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Health and wellbeing during lockdown

As we’re now in the third national lockdown and with schools and some workplaces closed we have been thinking about our health and wellbeing at this time.

Health and Wellbeing | Dringhouses Scouts

We’ve updated our website with some links to sites which provide tips and practical support which are particularly relevant at the moment. It is important that we look after ourselves and each other. Everyone will be affected by and feeling the current restrictions differently, we hope the information on this page will help people to find information and support is they want it.

Most of us will have children at home at the moment and may find the home education topic a challenge. This post from The Scouts provides some thoughts from home educator and parenting blogger @tigerlillyquinn and may provide some food for thought.

How to keep kids entertained (and educated) at home, with Fritha Quinn | Blog | Scouts

Stay safe everyone.