13th August 2017


Our adventure is made possible thanks to our amazing team of adult volunteers, who support our young people in a wide range of roles, from working directly with young people, to helping manage the groups finances affairs, to being a charity Trustee. We help volunteers get the most out of their experience through Scouting by providing opportunities for adventure, training, fun and friendship!

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Do I really have the skills you need?

Yes! There is no previous experience required and we will give you as much or as little support and training as you need.

What if I don’t have that much spare time?

That isn’t a problem. Volunteering with us is easy, fun and flexible.

What will I get out of volunteering?

As much as you want to get out of it! Scouting offers you the chance to build on personal skills, like teamwork, confidence and leadership. You get to do all this while having fun, making friends and changing the lives of young people for the better.

My child is in Scouting – is there anything I could do to help?

Absolutely, In fact many of our helpers and leaders are parents of our youth members.

Are there any age restrictions on helping out?

As long as you’re over 18, you can help out as an adult volunteer in Scouting. There is no upper age limit for adult volunteers.