Shepherd’s Brass Band Concert

While my thinking about thanks at the end of the concert on Saturday my thoughts turned to all the participants from our group who we have helped send and all the different events which have been organized to support them.  Concerts like this one, cake stalls, the Fair, sponsored white water rafting is one I particularly remember, abseiling, barn dance, quiz night, treasure hunt, and the good old raffle.

I thought about the impact on the lives of those young people, but also the wider community and wondered if many of you realized the effect you have when are supporting these four young people to get to the Jamboree in 2019?

Clichéd though it may be, they are quite possibly going on to have the experience of a lifetime.

Do you know that a small part of the money they pay will go to make sure that young people from homes who don’t have the advantages we have and countries where the standard of living is so much lower than ours and under normal circumstances would never get an opportunity like this are able to go to the Jamboree.

Thousands of young people will be gathering from every walk of life and from 150 out of the 195 countries of the world.

At the very least each participant will take home a personal experience unlike any they’ve have had before.

But there is a bigger picture.  Some may take inspiration to improve their Scout groups and their communities.  A smaller number will translate their experience to their country, others will be spurred on to try to help countries they learnt about on the Jamboree.  And some, perhaps a very small number, will go on to become leaders and innovators whose contribution may change the world for the better.

Over the years the generosity of the community of St Edwards has contributed to the success of the participants of many past Jamborees and of course our three members going next year.

On behalf of the group, those participants who have come before but mainly from Janey, Ben, Ollie and John to the team they want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH WE REALY APPRECITE YOUR HELP

And of course a rousing thank you to Mike and the wonderful Shepherd’s Brass Band who have entertained us and well and truly raised the roof tonight.

Annie Bennett

Group Chair