24th July 2017

Parents Info

Information For Parents

Every month, usually on the 1st Saturday, it is the turn of a different section to help out with Paper Collection. It starts at 10am and we meet at the Racecourse Stables on Tadcaster Road (opposite the Fish & Chip shop), you will see the big orange skip from the road! We ask each young person to bring a grown-up with them to help out. We then ask some families to go out and collect the papers and some to stay with at the Skip to help load it up.

Upcoming Collections 

  • Saturday 6th July -St Helens Scouts (Friday)
  • Saturday 3rd August – Vikings Cubs (Friday)
  • Saturday 7th September – Tuesday Beavers
  • Saturday 5th October – Romans Cubs (Tuesday)
  • Saturday 2nd November – PC Scouts (Tuesday)
  • Saturday 7th December – Wednesday Beavers
  • Saturday 4th January – Saxons Cubs (Thursday)


If it is raining, will it still go ahead?

Yes, we collect the paper in all weather. If it’s raining, don’t forget your waterproof coat!

Can we bring siblings, even if they are not members?

Of course, everyone is welcome! The more help we get, the quicker we get done.

How will we know where to collect the paper from?

We have maps for each of the areas that we collect from. We will give you a copy before you head out.

We can’t make it on our section’s day, can we come to another collection?

That is not a problem at all, just get in touch with Anne and let her know when you can come.